WEEB SQUAD was created after it was discovered that they held powers that, when used together, could create dynamic gameplay. When they aren’t getting distracted by manga or fighting about who is going to pay the bill for the day’s food order, they spend their time coding, pixeling, and writing to save the world of video games from itself.

Dan “Taichou” Petricca- A level 40 halfling thief that has managed to disguise himself among the humans for 23 years. He leads the charge as project manager as well as lead artist for LAVAWORLD. When he is not working on pixels he is complaining about e-sports , interning with various companies, and fighting for dominance with his cat Jasper.

Rehaf “Senpai” Aljammaz After spending several years training with her master at the top of a seamount, Rehaf came to WEEB SQUAD to become the Lead programmer and environmental artist for LAVAWORLD. When she is not working on fixing everyone’s mistakes, she is reading DC comics, coming up with plans for her own game company back home, and trying to kidnap Dan’s cat Jasper.

Brittany “Mahou Kuma” Williams- Years of experimentation and training led to Brittany’s creation as the world’s first talking bear. She eventually escaped from the facilities she was created in, and after a short stint as a performer for the circus, she settled in as the narrative designer and AI programmer for LAVAWORLD. When she is not writing, Brittany likes playing a bunch of spooky games, working as a Graduate Assistant, and trying to make Dan’s cat Jasper love her.